First blog post!

First blog post! Pretty excited to start adding material on ASAP.

Just a quick introduction about me: I am a Veeam trainer based in Sydney, Australia! Some of my passions are Security, Ransomware, Cats, Cooking, Memes and of course – Training!

So a few FAQs that you might have:

Q: What can we hope to see in your blog?
A: Oh! Oh where do I start?
As your future blogger, I promise to provide material that will prove to be both educational and entertaining.
I foresee a future where those interested in learning about Veeam will have better memory retention and better understanding of the various capabilities by learning through humor. A future where other trainers and experts will collaborate and allow me to share links to their blogs, thereby expanding learning potential.
This is not done for fame or glory but to better learning prospects of those attempting to complete their VMCE or just get an over all understanding.
TL;DR – Flash cards, tips & quizzes for Veeam and memes.

Q: What made you want to start a blog?
A: Please thank Rhys Hammond for his inspiration and telling me it would be a good idea to have one. While you are at it, please visit his awesome blog!

Q: That is a… strange name you picked there. What made you pick it?
A: Sit down, kids. This is a long story. There were a few suggestions before we picked Veeamy McVeeamy Face.
I wanted to start up a blog that promoted learning but didn’t make it just another post statistic on the web. Sure some of those puns were amazing but I didn’t feel there was a way it would match my contribution personality.
So, one fine weekend during a train ride while my husband and I were sharing memes during my study break. I asked him what his suggestion for a blog name might be and he straight shot out with Bloggy McBloggy Face. That was the inspiration and 10 minutes later after following the payment, approval, constantly dropping internet connection etc. process. I was the proud owner of this lil blog you are on!