Conversational Ransomware Defense and Survival – Ebook


Veeam has released a pretty good ebook to smack people on the head with provide an educational view on Ransomware.

This fine piece of collaboration between Veeam and Conversational Geeks, is based on experience and skill. Only 40 pages (33 if you exclude intro, about author, etc), the book is written in a conversational method to make it easier to follow. It even has pictures!On to a more serious tone, the book provides history and foundations of Ransomware. By providing a step by step “How it works”, readers get a better understanding of the various strains and corruptions through the years. Sure these little bugs keep developing (like .stn which works on commision) but by understanding the foundations, it gives you that extra bullet in your arsenal.

For those users/techs/nutjobs that say “Hey, why not pay it? Seems easier.”. Please print pages 20-21 and apply directly to their foreheads.

For those who already know the basics, skip to page 22. HOWEVER, I do implore you to just read the entire document. Its really interesting and worth every page.

Where does Veeam come in place? The guide writes out how to implement the 3-2-1 rule and some good best practice rules.

So its good to be prepared but as the saying goes, “S*** happens.”. The guide has a wonderful set of procedures to perform  in the event of an attack. Document and procedure writers, take note.

Happy reading!