Veeam – Not just Backup and Replication


Most times, technology isn’t used for the purpose it was designed for.  That’s not what this post is about.

WD-40; who hasn’t heard the story. If you haven’t, WD-40 was initially invented with intentions of being used on as a Water Displacement (WD) for the space programmed and sprayed on the Atlas Missile. It took 40 attempts to get to the formula that worked.

How is it a household name now?
Well, the company employees would sneak it off premises and used it for many other purposes. The Rocket Chemical company astutely decided to start marketing it to everyone and not just missiles and rockets.

That’s the cool thing, most times inventors invent away and come up with a product. Necessity being the mother of invention, makes inventors of the users. Like using a heel to hammer down a nail, soaking in a tub of ice tea to ease the pain of suburns, etc.

Let’s get down to Veeam and 5 other reasons to use it apart from Ye Olde Backup and Replication:


    • If user’s have the Windows agent or endpoint backup installed on their machines and USB’s are plugged in. Veeam has an auto eject function the moment it detects infections
    • Veeam ONE has an alarm that is built in to detect possible ransomware activity and alert you when an attack is occurring.
    • 3-2-1 rule and using Air Gaps to copy data offsite.

    • Veeam ONE has pre-defined thatreports check if your infrastructure is suitable for recovery, change rate, billing, department/team segregation (using Veeam ONE Business View),  infrastructure overview and much more.
    • Veeam Management Pack for System Center gives you that infrastructure overview that System Engineers find important. Coming pre-built with a Morning Coffee dashboard that gives you an overview on all systems from CPU usage to disk utilization – even datastore utilization. Did I mention, its free?
  3. BACKUP /REPLICA VERIFICATION: (Am I cheating with this?)

    • Sure Backup and Sure Replica allows you to ensure that when the time of disaster strikes, your users are up and running with WORKING backups. Not to mention, you can set 1 click-failover plans that put those peasants back to work. Testing of both backup and replica’s are automated with the Enterprise and Enterprise+ license. If you are on a lower license, using Instant VM recovery, you can achieve similar results only downside being its manual. Just be sure not to finalise the instant recovery.

    • Patch Break Everything Tuesday, the day us System Admins dread. New patches and service packs are released but if you are one of those admins that hit the Install All button the day updates are released, I hope you step on a lego block.
      However, if you are a clever admin and have multi faceted environments with critical apps but want to test a newly released patch prior to deployment. Veeam allows you to create On Demand Sandboxes. Heck, give it to the Application Development team and they’ll be fine. The On-Demand Sandbox feature even lets users that are not system admins perform restores. Test your patches, test your updates, test your new custom home made app and see if it plays nice.
    • Once you are done with that on demand sandbox, did you know you can either configure or have automated network configuring on your vSwitch and use it as a UAT environment once the programmers are done with their fiddling about. Please note, DVS is not automatically configured.

    I’ll admit, this one was picked off another website and I believe in giving credit where it is due. Please pop over to: WindowsITPro to check it out. The Virtual Machines tab allows you to edit a VM Configuration file! HOW COOL IS THAT?