New blog. Who dis?

This blog is dedicated to Veeam and encouraging the learning phase. Down the line I hope to include other topics so please don’t be alarmed.
I’ve always believed that training is an act of nurturing curiosity in to a skill so why not make the ride fun!

About the author:

I work for Veeam as an Inside Systems Engineer. All opinions on this website are of my own and do not represent those of Veeam Software in any shape or form.

What do you like?
Cats, memes and reading. Mainly cats. Alpacas are cool too.

What are you doing right now? 
I can’t be certain of the time you are reading this so a generic overview will have to do.
I am currently pursuing my degree in Psychology and Criminology. I am also working on updating VMCE practice quizzes and trying to make things better for the learning community so if you have a good suggestion on the existing quiz – hit me up!

What are your future plans?
Take over the world.

Can you help out if I need additional assistance in passing my Veeam exam?
Absolutely! However, I will NOT provide you with material from the exam in any shape or form.

What kind of music do you like?
I have no partiality towards any kind of music BUT I have been listening to a lot of Witch House lately. Wouldn’t say it is my favourite just yet but it is trending in my head right now 🙂